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Chinese Tuina Massage Techniques (Tui Na)

Tui Na (Tuina) is a medical massage technique that can be likened to physical therapy. It uses the same theoretical framework as acupuncture but uses manual therapies instead of needles.

As a traditional Chinese massage technique, Tui Na involves deep tissue work, i.e., the kneading and stretching of muscles and acupuncture points to relieve painful areas of the body and it can extend that pain reduction for days and even weeks to follow. This acupressure can sometimes be substituted to treat an area, without the use of needles. This technique of massage necessitates very deep work over the affected muscles.

In conjunction with specified breathing exercises and the slow increase of pressure this type of massage therapy is incredibly successful. Madison Acupuncture & Wellness Design is the ready to give you the massage you need if you live in Madison or in Southern Wisconsin. So come in today and get your massage
Madison Wisconsin!