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The Practitioners of MADISON ACUPUNCTURE AND WELLNESS DESIGN believe in the curative nature of acupuncture, herbs and massage and are driven by the concept of “wellness design”. “Wellness Design” is a collaborative approach to health care encompassing all the best ideas of Eastern and Western medicine.

This approach focuses on the root of disharmony and disease in the body. It is through the integration of Eastern and Western medical approaches—including acupuncture, herbal medicines, massage, nutrition and Taiji’s pursuit of harmony through exercise, that MADISON ACUPUNCTURE AND WELLNESS DESIGN is able to bring the body back into balance and achieve wellness.

An integrated approach to wellness, is in fact, a more successful approach to healthcare.

Through the combination of education and clinical training, our practitioners will guide you on your path to overall health through an individually designed wellness program. You will find yourself in the hands of an experienced practitioner, who will engage you in your specific healing process, always working with you by providing the answers and treatments you seek on your path to wellness.

When it comes to your health care and wellness, it is of the utmost importance that the problem is clearly defined and you understand what therapies will be used, and the anticipated benefit to be achieved. During the intake evaluation, you and the Practitioner will have a clear and open dialogue and will thoroughly review your health history. All your expectations, questions, treatment strategies and expected results concerning your health care and wellness will be discussed. In this way, your treatments will be specifically targeted to meet the goals you need and deserve.